Preserved Everlasting Flowers. Eternal Rose Arrangement. Year long Roses Everlasting Real Flowers Forever Roses Bio Preserved Eternal Flower

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  • Width: 27 centimetres
    Height: 22 centimetres

Stunning luxury everlasting bio preserved real flowers.

Never dying, drying or wilting
No water or maintenance needed
100% Real all-natural flowers — not artificial or freeze-dried
100% Luxury
100% Long lasting

This stunning arrangement contains:

Rich red roses
Dark purple/blue long lavender
Dark green parvrifolia eucalyptus
Light green eucalyptus
Cream coloured Limonium

This arrangement has been hand made in Great Britain.

This luxury high end preserved arrangement measures 22cm in height (8.5inches) (including the Luxury ceramic vase)
The width of the flower arrangement measures 27cm wide. (11inches)

The vase is 9.5cm in height (23inches).
The widest part of this vase is 12.5cm (5inches).
This vase is a cylindrical white glazed ceramic vase .

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